Kingston will use brand name Fury as a replacement for HyperX

Kingston will from now on sell its memory modules and SSDs aimed at gamers under the brand name Kingston Fury. Kingston previously did that with the brand name HyperX, but it was sold to HP earlier this year.

Kingston Fury Renegade Memory

Earlier this year , HP acquired Kingston’s HyperX division for $425 million. It makes headsets, mice and keyboards, among other things. Memory and storage products were not part of the acquisition and remained with Kingston.

Until now, it was not clear whether Kingston could continue to use the HyperX name for its memory products after the acquisition. The introduction of the new brand provides the answer. Kingston sold memory sticks and SSDs aimed at gamers for years with its HyperX brand name. The Fury naming convention was also already used, in combination with HyperX.

In the new situation, HyperX disappears from the name, but Fury remains. According to the manufacturer, a full range of DDR4 and DDR3 will soon be available in the Kingston Fury series and DDR5 modules will follow in the fourth quarter of this year.

Within the Fury brand there will be three different names: Renegade, Beast and Impact. The former is for the fastest DDR4-5333 modules, the latter is applied to DDR3 and DDR4 with speeds up to 3733MT/s and the latter is the name for SO-DIMMS for laptops, with speeds up to 3200MT/s.