The pitfalls of wasp control – you can slip through them if you do it yourself!

In the first days of spring, we usually can’t wait for a good time, but with warmer temperatures and sunshine, something else will appear: insects. Some are just uncomfortable because they climb everywhere, but others are also dangerous because they sting and can even trigger a severe allergic reaction. Such are the wasps that are able to form complete colonies around the house, putting the people there in real danger.

Extermination – the problem may not be so small

Of course, at first no one thinks the problem can outgrow it. They observe where the wasps come from, blow them off with some sort of exterminator, and it’s solved. At least that’s what they think. The truth, however, is that in the rarest of cases, that’s enough.


It is no coincidence that the wasp control it is often done with professional help. The situation is usually much more complicated than we think and requires more thorough, multifaceted solutions. If experts exterminate the wasps, you’re not going to walk in that a few days after the extermination, you’ll notice that the hip insects are flying around you again. This is because, at best, you can only provide a superficial solution, which unfortunately does not last long.

Why doesn’t home wasp control work?

There are a lot of factors to look out for in a successful eradication. Lay people usually don’t know how wasps work, how they live, and what methods can be used to settle them permanently.

We’ve compiled the most common errors:

  • We do not assess the severity of the problem. To destroy even the last wasp, we need to know how big their nest is – there could easily be a lot more than we think. If we don’t get to the nest, we don’t know exactly how serious a situation we’re facing, so there’s a good chance we’ll only blow up a few workers. And that is not enough for success.
  • We have no protective equipment. Never start was pass control without protective equipment! You may not have been allergic to their sting so far, but it can happen at any time. However, even if you are not hypersensitive, these stings are very painful, especially if they come with weight. This can have very serious consequences, so protective clothing should be a foundation!
  • We cause much more material damage than necessary. While professionals have the right tools to exterminate wasps with minimal destruction, you are unlikely to have them available at home. Sometimes you can only get to the nest by breaking down, which you wouldn’t need if you had the equipment. Thus, your material damage can be significantly greater by the end.
  • You only exterminate workers. This is exactly the problem with simply blowing off the wasps: while the specimens flying around you fall spectacularly, the queen survives, and she is the one who provides the supply. If you know how the wasp society works, you also know that as long as there is a queen, there will be more workers. However, getting to the Queen is not that easy – you need expert help.
  • You don’t know the behavior of wasps. You think you just go over there, blow a couple, and you’re ready? Big mistake! Wasps don’t necessarily die right away from the chemical, and they can also attack back as a team, which isn’t really good fun. In order for extermination to be successful and damage to be minimal, they need to know their behavior, how they react in the evening, in the morning, in cold, in heat, to light, to air movement.
  • We are trying to eradicate instead of preventing. Lay people usually don’t know how to exterminate wasps that have already settled. It was completely unnecessary to exterminate the wasps that fly in early spring. These should be trapped before you even choose an ideal nesting site for yourself. Fertilized queens look for nesting in early spring instead of nesting. This is when the trap still helps, but once you have the nest, it needs to be cleared.
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If wasps are a regular problem for you and you feel the problem is overgrown, you should seek expert help! More efficient and safer than trying at home.